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Home workout

For most people the winter months are always the most difficult to keep up a healthy routine. bad weather and the cold will create all types of excuses to skip working out at the gym and instead head to our cosy homes to cuddle up on our comfy sofas and sip on a warm cup of hot chocolate; Christmas and new year’s functions will get in the way; excuses like – Ah! summer is still 6 months away.

As the pandemic has thought us though, we can get creative and workout even at home with no or minimal use of equipment. Here is an example of a 30 to 40 minute workout that is ideal for beginners and can be adjusted to increase the challenge for those who are a bit more ahead with their physical conditioning.

I will be posting more challenging workouts in the future but feel free to contact me should you be interested in having a specific training program for your personal needs or targets.

Here is the link to the video:


Until next time Stay Focused, Stay Strong, Stay Safe



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