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From the early years of my life sports has always been part of my world. There was one condition that did hinder me at first. Having asthma as a kid is not best thing in the world when all you want to do is run around with your friends and play. Instead of quitting I decided to take up basketball in the winter months and played waterpolo in the summer, two disciplines which I love to this day. Through perseverance and training I overcome asthma and stopped using inhalers and medication to help me breathe better. I continued playing basketball up until competitive level in the major local league and even if I continued my studies sports was always part of my life.

Personal training started coming into my life when I felt I could not find the right career for myself. I have been successful in whatever jobs I did but my real enjoyment was when I practiced sports, went to the gym and coached young kids playing basketball. That is why since 2010 I have been training, studying and taking courses to become a personal trainer. The road is a never ending one because the health industry has grown tenfold worldwide this last decade but through all this growth and change one principle has stuck with all fitness professionals – helping others get in shape, make a change for the better and be happier!!

Sporting history and credentials:

  • June 2016: TRX suspension training certification course, level 1
  • October 2011: International CIBTAC Diploma in Sports Massage
  • July 2010: Certificate in Health & Fitness Instructor Level 3 through MEHFA
  • June 2010: International CIBTAC Diploma in Body Massage
  • May 2010: Certificate in Health & Fitness Instructor Level 2 through MEHFA