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Some people might not notice or are just so accustomed to it but right now cactus around the Maltese islands are budding with their prickly pear fruits ready to be picked up and eaten, at least by me that is a fact! The prickly pear fruit, or in Maltese “Bajtra tax-xewk” can be found growing all over Malta and Gozo at this time of the year i.e. August and September. Even if it [...]

Keep it healthy but tasty – My own Chicken stir fry

One of my favourite dishes that I enjoy preparing after a long day is my own chicken stir fry. It is a very simple dish to prepare and will only take about 20-25 minutes to prepare. The recipe is ideal to include in a calorie deficit diet because as you will see from the nutritional value table it only adds up to approximately just less than 400 calories but packed with goodness and [...]

Insulin management for better health

You can definitely help yourself to a healthier you by taking simple measures to keep your insulin sensitivity in the correct ranges and reap the benefits of this important hormone.   What is insulin? Insulin is a hormone produced by our pancreas. This hormone is produced and used whenever sugar levels in our blood are too high. Insulin will gather the excess glucose in the blood and store it in different parts of [...]

Home workout

For most people the winter months are always the most difficult to keep up a healthy routine. bad weather and the cold will create all types of excuses to skip working out at the gym and instead head to our cosy homes to cuddle up on our comfy sofas and sip on a warm cup of hot chocolate; Christmas and new year's functions will get in the way; excuses like - Ah! summer [...]

Superfood options to introduce in your diet

Today’s hectic life requires you to be always at the top, fully focused, and ready to go… but sometimes your body reminds you that to be able to do that, you have to take care of yourself. How? Regular exercise, proper rest, and a healthy nutrition regime This time I will focus on the nutrition side of the coin, mainly about certain foods that some of you might not even consider including in [...]


“I do not want to lift weights because I am afraid of looking too masculine” “I want a nice ass but no heavy lifting” These are some of the comments personal trainers get from some – or most, at the beginning - female clients who want to build their dream body. A lot of women still have the wrong misconception that if they start lifting weights they will turn into she-hulks and scare [...]