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Beach workout

Now that the summer heat has released some of its grip it’s nice to use it to relax, read a book, enjoy the view, or not…. For those who enjoy being active even by the sea here is a fun and challenging workout. This workout needs little space, no equipment and can be done alone or even with your friends by putting in a bit of competitive edge in the workout.   Warming [...]

Make massage a part of your healthcare package

The human body, especially the skin, has millions of nerve receptors to help you regulate body temperature, protect muscles, and probably most importantly, act as the main player for one of our basic senses, touch. For people who have never experienced a massage, it is simply the act of touching and rubbing the body to try and provide a soothing sensation and assist in muscle tissue relaxation with benefits not only to the [...]

Is fat all equal?

The simple answer is no.   Fat and its perception have changed through time. Particularly with the female figure, the idea of having a ‘plump’, ‘round’ body was a sign of health and fertility. Especially in the early stages of mankind, when food was mostly hunted and therefore scarce, being fat meant being healthy and beautiful. As civilisations developed and grew the concept of being fat continued in the female sphere, but fat [...]

Why your scale misleads you about your health

Some people go through their lives not bothering about their weight but most of us end up being obsessed with our weight. It could be for vanity or health reasons but maintaining a healthy body weight can be more complex than just a number on a weighing scale. The main reason why just basing your weight measurements with a weighing scale is not enough is because a home weighing scale only reads the [...]

Oranges: Benefits and tasty recipe

An old Maltese saying goes “Oranges are gold in the morning, silver at noon and lead in the evening” (Il-laring deheb filghodu, fidda f’nofsinhar u comb filghaxija). How true is that? Oranges have originated from China and the Asian region. It is said to have developed by crossing the pomelo and tangerine plant. Orange is nowadays one of the most common fruit plants that grow in temperate zones of the world.   Why [...]

Core Workout Progressions

As one advances with their training people tend to want to experiment and experience new moves and exercises. This way our body is continuously challenged and physical development does not stop. The beauty of our body is in its ability to learn and adapt to new stimuli and therefore continue developing in a better vessel for us to live in.   Warming up: 3 sets of squats, push ups and sit ups Beginners: [...]