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Core workout progression

Some might be surprised to learn that by just improving core strength and stability one can solve problems with back pain and reduce the propensity for injuries. Having a strong core does not mean just abdominals. The core of the human body should be considered to be the whole midsection including the back and hips.   With a stronger core one can: Improve athletic performance due to better stability. This is especially important [...]

Home core workout

The coronavirus pandemic has thought many of us that working out at home might not be as impossible as imagined. Granted, training in a gym environment usually has less distractions and one would have access to a wider selection of machinery and weights. Nonetheless some of you who are always on the go and might find it difficult to make it to the gym can opt to work out once at the comfort [...]

Hot vs. Cold showers

I know that most people will prefer having a warm, relaxing shower rather than going under a flow of icy water, but once in a while, or for sports aspects, a cold shower could do wonders to your body.   COLD SHOWERS Calms itchy skin: The cold sensation and drop in temperature will help reduce the inflammation in the affected area thus reducing the itching and the need to scratch Increases alertness and [...]

Evolution of Personal Fitness

The whole planet is currently going through one of the major disasters in history. It is significant because the pandemic has affected us physically through sickness and reminding us about our vulnerabilities, and economically because the forced isolation of countries to try and mitigate the spread of the coronavirus has led many countries to economic distress. This isolation affects the country as a whole but also the individual. Each person will have their [...]

Sweet side of vegetables

Vegetables in general are a healthy source of food and should be an integral part of one’s diet. Vegetables in general are rich in minerals, vitamins, fibre and even provide water.   There is a never ending list of vegetables one can eat but generally these are classified in 9 different types or classes. Root-crop: beetroot, carrots, sweet potatoes. Usually grow underground developing roots to absorb nutrients from the soil. Alliaceous or bulb: [...]

Summer beach workout

With the Maltese summer kicking in with a bang many of us will definitely look forward to enjoying some time by the sea. Among the usual options of a game of soccer, game of cards, or just lazing around sunbathing or reading a book, why not inventing a beach workout? You can also include family or friends in a friendly competition to spice things up a bit.   This is a great full [...]